Robin Fingers Is Coming For Your Butterfinger This Halloween



Three years  in from reinventing the “No one lays a finger on your Butterfinger” tagline for a younger generation, the Butterfinger Investigators have a new villain in the personage of Robin Fingers.

He’s the latest spooky challenge for investigators Hugh Dunnit and Ali Byes—played by Amir Arison, who portrayed an FBI agent in the NBC series “The Blacklist,” and Alexandria Benford, who starred in the movie “Valley Of Ditches.”

In addition to appearing in spots on television and digital platforms, Robin Fingers will invade urban streets via digital billboards, placements during New York Jets football games at MetLife Stadium and in TV-screen takeovers in Walmart stores.

The Butterfinger Investigators platform was launched in 2020 ostensibly to help protect kids’ Halloween candy from sticky-fingered adults.



“Robin Fingers elevates the storyline by having this archnemesis—what I like to call the Joker to their Batman—who is actively against them,” Miguel Zorrilla, marketing vice president at Ferrero USA, tells Marketing Daily.

In this spot from the Piro agency, Robin Fingers virtually interrupts a Halloween press conference by Dunnit and Byes to introduce himself and announce that he’s “coming for your Butterfinger.”

He’s more explicit in this commercial in which he warns viewers that “The Butterfinger Investigators can’t stop me. You can always buy more. I’ll just steal more.”

The out-of-home component in markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York “is something we’re very excited about. We wanted to go street level with Robin Fingers,” says Zorrilla.

“We saw this character being so dynamic and there’s such an intrigue that happens with how you see him and how he moves.”

Robin Fingers also will appear on in-store, digital grocery screens and will take over TV screens in Walmart entertainment departments from Oct. 3-30.

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