GM First To Use NBCUnified ID Platform For Targeting

General Motors will be the first advertiser to use NBCUniversal’s NBCUnified identity data platform, the companies announced. 

The automaker’s consumer automotive profiles data is being integrated with the first-party data on consumer media consumption preferences in NBCUnified, which spans more than 200 million consumers and 80 million households across NBCU’s businesses. 

The partnership is designed to help GM use advanced audience data to identify and target the 2% of consumers who are in the market for actually buying a new or used car at any given time — an objective already possible within digital media, but more elusive within the premium video environment.   

The work is being implemented within a clean room powered by M1, the proprietary data and identity platform of GM agency partner Carat. This will enable a “privacy-safe” environment, say the companies. NBCU has not said whether consumers have explicitly consented to being targeted through the identity information acquired through NBCU media. 

“Leaning into more sophisticated addressable media opportunities” like this one gives GM “a leading edge” in engaging with consumers “responsibly” and “in ways that make sense and can add value to their lives,” Heather Stewart, GM general director, global media & marketing services, said in announcing the news. 

“GM’s leadership allows us to activate on this previously untapped opportunity to fuel media efficiency in a privacy-safe way,” said   

Phil Rzepka, executive vice president, head of media for GM at Carat US. 

Launched in January as part of NBCU’s audience-first proprietary tech stack, One Platform, NBCUnified is comprised of three main components: NBCU ID, Data Marketplace and Partner Integrations.

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