Kraft Heinz: Adulthood 'Sucks,' Salads Should Have Fan Supporters


Kraft Heinz is promoting sugar reduction in ketchup, along with the concept that salads should be craveable.

Launched in 2018, Heinz ketchup with no sugar added is tapping into consumers’ desire for low- and no-sugar products with an animated campaign that revives movie themes familiar to most adults.

The main message is that adulthood is more challenging than what was expected, but cutting back on sugar—at least with ketchup containing sucralose—can be easy.

It’s delivered by a former princess-wannabee character who loudly proclaims “Adulting sucks!” in creative from Wieden & Kennedy New York.

Among other reasons adulting is no fun: “You have to eat healthy all the time... eating well takes so much willpower, and everything’s made out of cauliflower.”



On the salad side, Kraft has launched the first brand campaign for its dressings since 2016 in an initiative titled “Well Dressed.”

As Kraft tells it, in the age of fandom there is no outlet, identity or culture that supports the idea of craveable salads.

Enter a variety of bold people—Kraft calls them “salad stans”—who are not shy about showing their love for certain dressing varieties.

In this spot, titled “Vive Le Classic Catalina,” also from Wieden & Kennedy New York, a woman at a house party consumes a salad topped with Kraft Classic Catalina in between the superimposed words “We don’t do on the side.”

“Our inspiration for the platform was to help true salad stans do what they love most—celebrate and share their salad pride,” Frances Sabatier, brand manager at Kraft Dressings, tells Marketing Daily.

Out-of-home ads in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles will feature such images as a man with “Zesty Italian” imprinted on his head and a woman showing the inside of her lower lip to reveal the word “Caesar.”

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  1. John Berard from Credible Context, October 4, 2022 at 2:22 p.m.

    I wonder if the team considered deploying (it is still available) in support of the campaign. I have a professional interest, certainly, but a personal curiousity about the value of campaign-specific domains. Anyone out there know/have a point of view?

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