More Holiday Shoppers Report Being Influenced By Streaming Ads

Holiday shoppers are spending more time streaming, and are increasingly apt to engage with interactive ads and look up brand or product reviews after seeing streamed ads, according to Roku’s 2022 fifth annual holiday consumer shopping study. 

The survey of nearly 2,000 U.S. adults who plan to purchase holiday gifts, conducted for Roku by The Harris Poll, also found shoppers planning to shop earlier and increase their spending.

Holiday shoppers now report spending an average of 10.7 hours per week watching streaming TV, versus 10.5 in 2021, 9.5 in 2020, 8 in 2019; and 4.7 in 2018.

Nearly nine in 10 (89%) of respondents overall report having streamed in the past three months — up from 86% in 2021 and 85% in 2020. Among Gen Z shoppers, 98% have streamed in the past three months.

Among shoppers who subscribe to a streaming service, 21% subscribe to more than four (up from 13% in 2021, 8% in 2020 and 2% in 2019).

This year, 39% of shoppers report having looked up brand or product reviews on a search engine after seeing a brand or product advertised on a streaming service or device — up from 32% last year.

Nearly one in three (29%) report having engaged with an interactive ad experience while streaming a TV show or other video content.

Shoppers plan to spend an average of $993 on holiday gifts—up 6% versus last year’s $938 average.

Those who stream plan to spend 18% more than non-streamers ($1011 vs. $855, respectively).

More than half (56%) of shoppers overall, and 70% of millennials, said that they have either started or will start saving earlier this year to prepare for the holiday season. 

One-quarter reported having already begun their holiday shopping, versus 21% per cent last year.

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