PubMatic Enhances OpenWrap, Programmatic Auction Tool For Publishers

PubMatic has added several enhancements to OpenWrap, its unified auction tool for publishers.  

The changes are designed to help publishers and app developers achieve “higher performance, more nuanced capabilities and richer insights,” states John Martin, director of OpenWrap at PubMatic. 

OpenWrap is an independent wrapper tool that PubMatic says gives publishers more control over their programmatic advertising business.  

According to the company, publishers using OpenWrap can now benefit from: 

  • Yield improvements that the firm claims will lift CPMs while maintaining fill . 
  • Upgraded management API that can be customized to better fit the tech stack. 
  • Enhanced analytics, providing a holistic, real-time view of the publisher’s ad business. 
  • In addition, web publishers can now utilize more than 40 Prebid modules to leverage multiple,ogthirdparty-developed technologies. 



And, Mobile app developers can integrate with the mobile mediation providers, leveraging OpenWrap’s SDK to gain access to PubMatic’s global brand demand. OTT publishers can benefit from in-line bidding. 

OpenWrap allows LeafGroup to “save time and resources while keeping our focus on content creation," states Corey Wong, vice president, revenue operations at Leaf Group. 

Another user, True Digital, calls OpenWrap “an important component of our programmatic strategy,”states David Sky, director of advertising solutions, True Digital. 

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