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Faux Romance Hero Fakes Out Kids, Who Won't Know Capri Sun Has Less Sugar


Capri Sun is introducing a fake “romance-novel hero” to inform parents—but not their kids—that the beverage line now contains an average of 40% less added sugar.

He comes to life as "Juicio" in a new campaign titled “Your Kids Will Never Know” that represents a distinct departure from Capri Sun’s recent kid-focused advertising and marketing.

“Our number one priority has been building a relationship with kids and speaking to them in a language that makes sense to them,” Samantha Mills, associate director at The Kraft Heinz Co., tells Marketing Daily. “This campaign is not at all delivering on that objective. In fact, it is the polar opposite in every single possible way.”

In this spot from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Juicio has all the trappings of a romance novel character—from long, flowing hair to an open shirt and ultra-tight pants.



The “tasty new delight” is ostensibly the creation of fictitious author Samantha Craven and her equally fictitious titles "Beach of Desire" and "Beauty On The Beach."

However, less than 10 seconds into the spot, the voiceover informs viewers, "now that your kids have tuned out this steamy romance, we can tell you what this is really about.”

There follows the sugar-reduction news and the advice that kids will still love the flavor. “So why tell them?”

Campaign content is running on Amazon Prime, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok along with audio placements on Apple, Audible and Spotify.

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