Mobile Targeting For SpudLove Organic Potato Chips Boosts Sales

There’s very little “white space”—areas of opportunity—in the salty snacks category.

The organic potato chip is, however, one of those opportunities.

Family-owned and founded in 2019, SpudLove Snacks says it’s the only brand of organic potato chips in the country (instead of an organic offshoot of a regular brand).

The company operates dairy and potato farm Threemile Canyon Farms in Boardman, Oregon, where organic fertilizer from cows helps grow the majority of the company’s organic potatoes.

Carrying a premium price because of the costs involved in organic production, SpudLove has managed to secure distribution in more than 5,000 retail doors—beginning with Whole Foods Market in the Pacific Northwest

In June, SpudLove said it was expanding to all U.S. Whole Foods stores.

Given the price and narrow consumer base—primarily health-conscious people who care about where food comes from—widespread advertising is not on the table.

To help drive sales for its debut in Hannaford supermarkets on the East Coast and H-E-B grocers in Texas, SpudLove did a mobile-targeting test with Aki Technologies’ personalized advertising solution.

Based on such input as consumer app activity and time of day, the campaign ran exclusively on mobile apps including CBS Sports, MyFitnessPal, theScore and Scrabble GO, and delivered 3,895 ads. Targeting included consumers who had downloaded apps from Hannaford and H-E-B.

“We targeted consumers within a 10-mile radius of the Hannaford and H-E-B stores—a total of about 200 locations,” SpudLove CMO Shaila Garde-Lester tells CPG Insider.

“One of the things we wanted was consumers who are more health-focused. For example, we looked at people who have apps tracking their workouts and who had purchased healthier-focused salty snacks.”

According to Aki senior manager of content marketing Alexandra Matthews, the campaign prompted 7,886 incremental store visits that generated estimated sales of $36,985 while resulting in 35,712 additions of SpudLove products to consumers’ online shopping carts.

One of the things Shaila-Garde “was most impressed with” was the campaign’s click-through rate of 1.46—which she says is nearly four times higher than the industry average.

“People get bombarded with a lot of messages. So the holy grail for me is trying to get a click-through from somebody who sees an ad and is motivated to stop scrolling and reading and click on it. It’s a hard thing to do.”


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