Web3 App Brings Social Utility To Popular NFT Brands

Web3 has already begun to change the social media landscape.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter incorporate the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), while forums like Discord and Telegram have gained notoriety as key spaces for not only gamers to connect, but NFT holders and web3 connoisseurs as well.

Web3 social app FlickPlay is looking to extend evolving NFT communities' ability to connect with the integration of AR (augmented reality) with top NFT projects.

FlickPlay is focused on bringing major brands and blue-chip NFTs into the web3 space, rewarding users and building a loyal following of web3 and NFT enthusiasts.

To do so, the company has announced the verification of popular NFT Projects Pudgy Penguins, Snoop Dogg's The Doggies, and Edgar Plans’ Lil’ Heroes. 

FlickPlay is a mobile app that layers the metaverse over the real world, often described as “Pokémon GO meets TikTok.”

On the app, users can capture NFTs in the real world and then create videos with them using AR.

In this way, owning NFTs becomes a more robust process, with gamification and the ability for users to tell digital stories with their collectibles. They also have the opportunity to collect rewards and access real-life utilities along the way.

When users create videos on FlickPlay, the ranking of their NFTs can increase based on how many likes, views, and the “Flickcoins” the videos receive.

“This allows NFT holders to speculate not only on the rarity of the NFT Collection but also on the NFT's social ranking,” the company said in a recent statement, claiming to be the only platform where this value dynamic currently exists.

FlickPlay is planning to release a feature where communities can define the value of their NFTs by positioning them on a social rankings list. The company believes that “this is the next generation of content creators.”

FlickPlay raised $5 million in seed funding in 2021, backed by global VC firm Lightspeed Ventures and co-led by San Francisco-based Abstract VC. It has received additional backing from metaverse gaming platform The Sandbox, and is part of the Disney Accelerator program.

“We are prioritizing NFT collections with engaged communities,” said FlickPlay CEO and founder Pierina Merino. “We have more than 50 collections on the waitlist and are working on a platform tool for creators to easily certify their collections.”

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