Stagwell Taps Basha For CTO Role At Its Marketing Cloud Unit

Stagwell has hired Mansoor Basha as Chief Technology Officer of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, a unit formed late last year to develop a suite of SaaS and DaaS products to support transformation for in-house marketers. 

Basha was previously with Accenture’s Applied Intelligence Practice, where he worked with several Fortune 500 companies on data-led transformation, cloud analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning-based use cases, and scenario analysis. 

Basha will be responsible for the technology roadmap, product strategy, and cloud integration for the Stagwell Marketing Cloud. He will join Chief Product Officer Abe Geiger, Chief Marketing Officer Elspeth Rollert and Managing Director Matthew Lochner on the SMC leadership team.

Basha also currently serves as an investment advisor to 11.2 Ventures and Purple Arch Ventures, as well as an adjunct faculty member teaching digital marketing at New York University.



His appointment comes amid momentum for the unit. Last month, ARound – an augmented reality product in the cloud – launched what Stagwell said is the first ever stadium-level shared AR experience with the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. 

Another offering PRophet, an AI-powered tool for PR pros, is expanding with a new pay-go subscription tier and partnerships with PeakMetrics, Podchaser, and The Harris Poll. 

 “Every company is now a digital marketing company but most lack the resources to develop the tools they need to actually engage in modern marketing,” stated Mark Penn, chairman and CEO, Stagwell. “With Mansoor’s deep background in both building and marketing innovative tech solutions, the Stagwell Marketing Cloud is well positioned to build a digital marketing infrastructure that any CMO, at any company, can take advantage of.”



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