Tennessee Newspaper Hires A First Amendment Reporter

The Tennessean has named Angele Latham as its first First Amendment reporter.  

The hire is being funded by the Freedom Forum through Journalism Partners.  

Latham, who previously served The Jackson Sun as its government and business reporter, will be one of the first in the nation to be dedicated to “sophisticated storytelling around these critical freedoms,” writes Michael A. Anastasi, editor and vice president of The Tennessean. 

Anastasi notes that Tennessee has long been in the forefront of the debate over First Amendment freedoms. 

“We’re nearing the 100th anniversary of the landmark Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee and some of the same legal, theological and humanistic arguments that took place then are taking place today,” Anastasi writes. 



Anastasi continues, “Debate over the banning of books, school curriculum, the place of faith, access to government records, and free speech at college campuses and on social media are just a few of the issues of our day."

He concludes, “That’s why we’ve decided at The Tennessean that it is the right time to devote a full-time reporter focused on covering First Amendment issues.”

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