Google Finds Revenue Alternative To Advertising Via Cloud Tech

There is no shortage of cloud offerings, but Google has managed to build the technology into the backbone for many of its services.

At Google, cloud services and artificial intelligence continue to drive its growth.

In Q2, Google Cloud services ran at a $25 billion annual revenue run rate, said Sundar Pichai during the company's Next 2022 conference on Tuesday.

One of the more innovative technologies supported by cloud services is a 3D video chat called Project Starline. The company is testing the 3D technology with select companies. Salesforce and T-Mobile are among the enterprise companies participating in the test.

The technology creates a 3D model of a person, making it feel like you are sitting with someone in the same room, not miles apart.

After thousands of hours of testing, including demos with enterprise partners, results were seen including the way people displayed more non-verbal behaviors such as 40% more hand gestures, 25% more head nods and 50% more eyebrow movements.

Starting this year, Google will deploy units in select partner offices for regular testing.

Google also plans to power the Web3 ecosystem with scalability, reliability, and security.

Many large exchanges worldwide use Google Cloud to bring scale and speed to always-open spot markets for cryptocurrency trading.

Google’s vision for cloud services is to simplify all technologies its customers need, making it accessible to every organization.

On Tuesday, Google announced a partnership with Coinbase, which selected Google Cloud to build advanced exchange and data services.

Google also will enable select customers to pay for cloud services via select cryptocurrencies by using Coinbase Commerce.

This news builds on a recent Web3 announcements with Nansen, BNB Chain, Sky Mavis and NEAR Protocol.

Google said it would explore using Coinbase Prime, a service for storing and trading cryptocurrencies and, in return, the company will move some of its data applications to Google’s cloud from Amazon Web Services. Google in time will let more customers make payments with cryptocurrency.

The cloud business will help Google diversify its parent company, Alphabet, away from advertising. Cloud services accounts for 9% of revenue, up from less than 6% three years ago. Pichai said Google's cloud services is growing faster than any other Alphabet business.

Coinbase Commerce supports 10 currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Google also will explore the ways it can use Coinbase Prime, a service that securely stores organizations’ cryptocurrencies and allows them to execute trades.

Toyota and Google Cloud also announced an expanded partnership that brings together Toyota and Lexus next-generation audio multimedia systems and Google Cloud’s AI-based speech services.

On the latest generation of Toyota Audio Multimedia and Lexus Interface infotainment systems, aim to improve voice interactions.

Machine-learning capabilities required to provide high-quality speech results have traditionally relied on a connection to the cloud.

Vehicles equipped with Toyota’s latest-generation Automotive Grade Linux-based Audio Multimedia and Lexus Interface infotainment systems already leverage Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text service to perform automatic speech recognition for in-vehicle queries.

Toyota’s Voice Assistant, which leverages technology from Google Cloud, was co-developed between the Toyota Motor North America Connected Technologies and Toyota Connected organizations since 2018.

The partnership highlights the AI and machine learning innovation in the latest Toyota and Lexus infotainment systems.

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