Dentsu Levels Up, Creates Massive Multiplayer Consumer Research Study

At a time when the ad industry is looking to gaming platforms and culture as an on-ramp to the next-generation of branding, Dentsu International is leveling up its global consumer tracking research by fusing it with what may be one of the largest panels of gamers in the world: Global Web Index's (GWI) database of more than 2 billion internet users.

The new product fuses respondent-level data from Dentsu's 400,000-person "Consumer Connection System" panel directly with the attributes and behaviors of GWI's massive, real-time database to produce gaming-specific insights across 21 major markets worldwide.

The result, Dentsu said in a statement announcing the effort this morning, is "high-fidelity portraits of gamers that encompass lifestyle and media attitudes and behaviors (e.g., shopping routines, passions and hobbies, media consumption) as well as deep-rooted gaming habits (e.g., specific genres and games played, in-game purchases, gaming sessions lengths, motivations)."



As part of the announcement, Dentsu also released a new report benchmarking the gaming consumer universe, including obligatory new segments including "Win" (5% of gamers), "Hype" (17%), "Immersion" (16%), "Party" (16%), "Downtime" (30%), and "Revive" (16%)."

Dentsu also created a new, free-to-play game -- "Gem Quest" -- that is accessible from a new "Dentsu Gaming" platform

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