Elizabeth Banks Mocks Metaverse For Archer Roose

Elizabeth Banks, the actress and partner in wine company Archer Roose, stars in a new ad for Archer Roose in which she mocks the metaverse.

In the ad, via Colossus, Banks puts on a pair of sunglasses and decides that she’s in the metaverse. “I do look skinnier,” Banks says, patting her stomach. She then runs into Marian Leitner-Waldman, who runs the company with her husband, David Waldman.

“What are you doing?” Leitner-Waldman asks.

“You look so real,” says Banks. “I’m in the metaverse.”

Leitner-Waldman then tells Banks she’s wearing her sunglasses.

Banks shushes Leitner-Waldman and gives her a “non-fungible token” (a vase) and Leitner-Waldman walks off.



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