Crisp, The Trade Desk Team In Media-Buying Efforts

Crisp, the open data platform, and The Trade Desk, an ad tech company, have partnered. The alliance gives marketers daily inventory data from The Trade Desk platform in real time to improve media buying.

Prior to Crisp’s integration with The Trade Desk, marketers used historical campaign data to determine ad spend. Now, a daily feed of shelf inventory data from 40 retailers is available on The Trade Desk platform. Brands can utilize the data to better target ad spend, based on the most current product availability information.

Crisp employs data from more than 80% of the top U.S. retailers and distributors, including Target, Amazon, UNFI and CVS.

“Inventory data at the store level can help marketers on the Trade Desk platform recalibrate and optimize advertising campaigns with the goal of driving real business results that translate into sales,” said Ben Sylvan, GM, retail data partnerships at The Trade Desk.



The Trade Desk believe this move eliminates media waste in areas with supply-chain challenges.

Are Traasdahl, founder-CEO, Crisp, adds: “The Trade Desk is the platform of choice for advertising execution on the open web, and by integrating Crisp’s data, a brand’s advertising dollars can go significantly farther. They can be sure they are spending in the right place.

Omnicom Media Group signed a similar deal with Crisp in mid-May, when it launched the Supply Chain IQ Score. Media planners can use the tool to decide how much spend needs to be redeployed to the alternate SKU (stock keeping unit) to meet performance targets and execute the new buy.

At the time, Marc Rossen, SVP investment and activation analytics for OMG North America, said: “It flips the historic response to supply-chain disruption from pull the spend back to push the spend toward – increasing media ROI and helping our clients meet performance goals despite supply constraints.”

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