Tripadvisor Creates Amazon Prime Video Series - Travel Guides To Mysterious Destinations

Tripadvisor on Wednesday announced a limited series on Prime Video to create unique broadcast travel guides to mystery destinations.

In September, Tripadvisor launched the in-house content studio, Wanderlab, providing the opportunity to offer sponsorships to destination management organizations (DMOs) and other advertising partners across multiple platforms.

The first episode comes from a media partnership with the Turkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, an organization dedicated to delivering Turkiye as a brand and a popular destination in both domestic and international tourism markets.

The series will offer opportunities to travel to global destinations that drive awareness of new locations, with the Turkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency as the inaugural media partner.

The Wanderer follows narrators from around the globe as they explore leading international destinations, creating a series of travel guides. Each destination features a different presenter, who brings their own authentic and independent voice to their episode, creating unique perspectives and ensuring the series remains fresh and energetic.

In the first episode, British travel TV presenter Alex Outhwaite takes viewers into the heart of Turkiye's cultural and culinary scenes, exploring unique landmarks, restaurants and experiences that Tripadvisor touts as one of the most diverse destinations on earth.

On her journey, Outhwaite spends time with locals and fellow travelers taking her from Istanbul's Beyoglu neighborhood to the tranquil, turquoise waters of Sigacik in Izmir.

The destinations are picked based on Tripadvisor's traveler intent data, ensuring that each episode creates a unique destination guide inspired by insights from real explorers. Each episode is created in partnership with local DMOs.

The Wanderer will be promoted on Amazon's Prime Video through a range of paid media placements and on Tripadvisor through paid and organic media. Viewers can find further inspiration through bespoke Tripadvisor destination guides, created to accompany each episode.

The first episode of the Wanderer can now be viewed on Prime Video.  Additional episodes are in production and will be released in the coming weeks.

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