Bad Actors Impersonate Social Security, Promise Increases

Consumers are being warned not to respond to email, phone and other messages from parties offering to activate a Social Security benefit increase. 

While a SS cost-of-living hike is coming in 2023, recipients do not have to do anything to receive it. 

But bad actors are impersonating SSA and other government agencies in an effort to obtain personal information and/or money or to deliver malware, according to the Office of the Inspector General. 

“Scammers are relentless in their attempts to lure you to their fake websites or to get you to respond in any manner to their fictitious offers,” states Inspector General Gail S. Ennis. “I urge members of the public to ignore unexpected messages and unsolicited offers.”

Consumers are being warned:

  1. Do not take immediate action.
  2. Do not transfer your money! Do not buy that gift card! 
  3. Be skeptical.
  4. Be cautious.
  5. Do not click on links or attachments.



“We are deeply concerned that fraudsters continue to find new ways to impersonate government agencies to deceive people into providing personal information or money,” states Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of Social Security. “I strongly urge people to be vigilant, and ignore suspicious emails, texts, or letters.”



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