Amazon Ads Features Focus On Measurement, Clean Room, Video

Amazon confirmed its investment in video advertising Wednesday during unBoxed 2022 with the launch of several new features and services aimed at helping brands introduce products to consumers. There is a service that helps brands create videos, as well as products to place those videos across Amazon properties.

The company’s advertising practice launched two sponsored display features.

A study conducted by Wyzowl revealed that 73% of consumers prefer video ads to learn about products and services, and 88% say video ads have convinced them to make a purchase.

Developing video creative can be costly. Sponsored Display video creative, which is now available worldwide, allows advertisers -- particularly small and emerging brands -- to create video campaigns that showcase products and stories to millions of customers on Amazon properties. Marketers can create tutorials, demos, testimonials and more.

Amazon also introduced an update to Sponsored Brands Video, which allows creative videos in Sponsored Brands campaigns to link to stores in addition to the product detail page -- and unlocks the opportunity to show a Sponsored Brand Creative unit above shopping results. This gives brands the opportunity to elaborate on the product’s story.

Understanding shopping patterns and trending topics while being sensitive to the news cycle can become a frustrating process for marketers. Amazon Ads today also released measurement tools as measuring performance becomes more complex. Linking insights with performance and the ability to optimization in real-time creates improvements.

Amazon Ads introduced Sponsored Display for brands that do not sell in Amazon’s store. This is offered to U.S. advertisers in closed beta on Twitch. Previously, sponsored ads had only been available for brands that sell products on Amazon.

Now, businesses selling products and services in verticals not available on Amazon such as restaurants and hotels can use Sponsored Display to reach the engaged Twitch audience.

Amazon Marketing Cloud now offers Sponsored Display and digital subscription events, more pre-built instructional queries, and the ability to manage demand-side platform (DSP) audiences across all Amazon ad channels, from Whole Foods to Twitch.

The company touted its clean room service designed to support more flexible analytics and enable marketers to build their own ad tech solutions. Amazon also reported the number of active AMC customers has quadrupled in the past year.

Digital Signage Ads in Amazon DSP will become available in November to eligible U.S. advertisers through Amazon managed service. It will let brands advertise in Amazon Fresh stores. With Digital Signage Ads in Amazon DSP, brands can purchase ads programmatically.

Advertisers can schedule campaigns based on store location, by daypart, or by location of the digital signage within the store.


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