Heard At ANA's Masters Of Marketing, Sensed In Other Ways Too

The ANA Masters of Marketing conference is currently in its third day. Looking back over the first day, we can isolate some key points that were made and which may have ramifications for marketing going forward.

Here’s a look at those points:

Multisensory branding: During his presentation, Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer for MasterCard, talked about using branding to reach all five senses. With regard to hearing, Rajamannar discussed the sonic brand that MasterCard unveiled three years ago. “This evolution helps us prepare for the future of voice commerce,” Rajamannar said. “The digital age is transforming the way we live, shop and pay,” he said, noting that hundreds of millions of people are using smart speakers.

Injecting purpose: Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt noted in a presentation that the brand hit a snag in 2015, when Chipotle was hit with a $25 million fine for violating food safety laws. At that point, Chipotle decided “to bring our purpose to life across the business.” That includes sourcing responsibly. “All of these principles of integrity and our commitment to our communities and our passion for sustainability,” said Brandt, “all come together in a single brand purpose … [which] we call ‘cultivating a better world.’”



Understanding consumers’ passions: Anheuser-Busch global CMO Marcel Marcondes discussed how the brand seeks to understand what people care about. “And whenever there is a clear problem to be addressed in that intersection, this is when we act,"
he said.

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