Philips Norelco Brings Movember Moustaches To Roblox Avatars

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Every November, the Movember charity encourages the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of men’s mental and physical health issues.

This year, Roblox avatars are getting on board too, with Philips Norelco’s new Shavetopia hub on the games platform offering more than 60 facial hairstyles in its “hall of mustaches.”

Shavetopia includes its own mini-games, in which users can gain power-ups, enabling their avatars to wear their new facial hairstyles and earn special bonuses in three popular Roblox games: “Retail Tycoon 2,” “Emergency Response: Liberty County,” and “Tower Defense Simulator.”



The tie-in with the three games will end after Nov, 30, but Shavetopia will live on, the brand told  Marketing Daily.

Promotion for Shavetopia has included a 30-second social media trailer.

Philips Norelco first partnered with Movember last year, “asking men to put their razors down and let their ‘Mos’ grow,” with the company pledging to donate “up to” $550,000, including more than 850 Philips Norelco shavers.

Rafael Viestel Da Silva, Philips Grooming and Beauty marketing director, told Marketing Daily  he couldn’t divulge how much ended up being donated in 2021, but said that Philips Norelco “will be exceeding our monetary and product donations in our second year of partnership.”

The 2022 donation will be $400,000, on top of any proceeds generated by in-game facial hair purchases in Shavetopia. The brand also said it will also donate 50 cents, up to $100,000, for every Philips Norelco & OneBlade handle sold in CVS and Walmart stores through the end of the year.

Movember supports mental health and suicide prevention, as well as prostate and testicular cancer awareness.

To discuss those issues, Philips Norelco has enlisted Dr. Jake Taylor for the second year in a row to create online resources and answer questions. Dr. Taylor, who specializes in urologic oncology, was with NYU Langone Health in 2021 and is now with the University of Southwestern Texas Medical Center.

In addition to Philips Norelco, Movember this year also has partnerships with Pringles, Duluth Trading, Lamborghini and Mastercard.

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