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Top-Rated Ads In October

A Lego ad with no dialogue was the Top Ad for Creative Breakthrough for October. The ad got an 8.4% higher-than-average attention score, according to TVision’s Ad Scoreboard.

“The ad switches between children and an adult building together, and the characters in the make-believe world they are creating, facing dangers as a result of the build in progress -- catapulted through the air, falling off a broken bridge and more,” according to TVision.

The top Overall Ad for Men for October, according to TVision, was Progressive’s “Dr. Rick: Voicemail,” which had a Creative Breakthrough score of 111.4 (that means how effectively it captured the attention of viewers compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. The average is 100.)



That ad, from Progressive’s “Don’t Be Like Your Parents” campaign, captured 44.1% Ad Attention on Fox, which is 6.2% higher than the norm for that channel.

That ad did especially well in early morning, capturing attention 4.4%  better than other ads that ran across that daypart across all TV. The ad also did especially well with men between 40 and 59.

For women, meanwhile, the top ad was "Chewy Chatty Pets: Giorgio and Ralph | Pet Prescriptions."

That ad has been out since February and features Giorgio and Ralph, who speculate about the delivery of a Chewy box, which they think means they're getting peanut butter.

The ad did 2.9% better than other ads shown to 30- to 39-year-olds.

“A lot of factors influence a TV ad's opportunity to capture attention: program strength, media planning, and creative all play a role in an ad's success," says Michael Perlman, chief revenue officer, TVision. "Ads that do well for Creative Breakthrough typically deploy proven elements such as clever storytelling like Chewy and Lego [did], or an effective, well-branded spokesperson like Progressive's Dr. Rick. Other elements also impact how well an ad scores for Creative Breakthrough, including music, noise-level changes, celebrity spokespeople, etc."

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