Electrify America Launches 'Brand-Neutral' Effort

Electrify America, which bills itself as the nation’s largest open DC fast-charging network for electric vehicles, is launching a new brand-neutral marketing campaign.

Although the company, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen, works with a number of automakers, none are specifically mentioned in the creative.  The company has agreements with various manufacturers for their electric vehicles to use its network of chargers or provide discounted charging rates or free charging, including Volkswagen, Audi, Harley Davidson, Hyundai and Lucid Motors.

Modeled after streaming television content, “As Seen on EV” aims to educate viewers and shift common misperceptions about EV ownership like driving range and charging access by highlighting the positive realities of living with an EV.  



The digital campaign, developed with creative agency Praytell, will run nationally through July 2024. The ads will be available as online video, digital display, paid social, streaming audio, paid search and digital out-of-home.

Video ads or “shows” in the campaign include a reality dating show theme, which highlights EV attributes of sporty styling and quiet driving along with the ability to charge an EV at home or on the road. A historical drama spotlights the instant torque and fast acceleration that EVs provide, along with generally lower routine maintenance requirements than gas-power vehicles. A Western spot showcases range capability and interesting features only found in EVs, like the trunk in the front, or “frunk.” 

A telenovela ad informs viewers that EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, while a courtroom drama spot focuses on the wide variety of models of electric vehicles to suit different needs. 

The campaign’s website,, includes additional content on the benefits of EVs.  Videos will also be available on the brand’s YouTube channel

The multifaceted campaign is part of Electrify America’s investment to not only expand zero emission vehicles (ZEV) infrastructure and availability, but also to help educate consumers about ZEVs during this major shift to electric transportation, said Misti Murphey, director of brand strategy and integrated marketing at Electrify America. 

“Just as streaming TV redefined how people watch television, EVs are redefining transportation,” Murphey says in a release.

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