MGM Speeds Marketer Film Clip Searches With AI-Driven Tool

MGM has launched an artificial intelligence-driven solution that lets marketers and filmmakers locate clips from its archives of more than 4,000 films more quickly. 

The MGM Clip Locator can reduce clips-search time from hours to minutes, according to the studio.  

The solution, accessible through MGM’s Licensed Media and Advertising website, currently enables registered users to search by lines of dialogue, and will “very soon” allow searches by objects or actions depicted in a scene, per MGM. 

Options generated can be sorted by relevance and refiltered by preferred actor(s), title(s) or other criteria. Users can request licensing use permission as they check out their selections.

MGM content has been licensed by brands such as Ladbrokes, for its “Rocky” campaign, and Direct Line, for its “We’re On It” campaign featuring Robocop.

MGM partnered with Web3 tech company Eluvio to develop ML and content delivery capabilities for the clip locator, expanding on its use of Eluvio’s Content Blockchain.

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