Emodo To Add Native Video And CTV, Taking Innovation Beyond Walled Gardens

Ericsson-owned Emodo’s strategy to help advertisers reach its audience through an advanced native advertising platform positions the company to expand much further and experience massive growth.

The retooling of the brands and ideas focuses on automation and AI-driven native ads, such as its newest offering Adapt, through its intelligent exchange. 

While Adapt aims to help advertisers and publishers capitalize on native ads outside walled gardens like Facebook, Instagram, and Snap, the recent change at the Ericsson company spans much wider and deeper.

Video comes next, says Damian McKenna, COO at Ericsson Emodo.

"We're already seeing a demand to push into video," he said, including native video and connected television (CTV).

Emodo's vision is to apply optimization against user engagement that reaches far beyond static or native campaigns, McKenna says.

“We see a lot of opportunity in video and other areas like CTV," he said.

Automotive advertisers -- specifically Volvo -- have experienced a successful test with Adapt, McKenna says. Emodo overall supports thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers and agencies.

Ericsson has refreshed its Emodo brand, mission, and focus. The mission to build more memorable connections will support advertisers and publishers with more sophisticated advertising platforms, McKenna said.

The company also developed ID-independent targeting ability that allows for personalization and drives performance, moving past current restraints. 

“These are products that came out of restraints during the past two years,” he said. “We felt it the correct time to make the move.”

Emodo’s business has flourished in the past two years. In 2020, business grew 70%, and in 2021 it grew 100%, McKenna says. The company hired more than 40 new employees to support the increase in business.

The company is making these major changes amidst major transformation in the industry.

Several innovations have been proven in social platforms like Meta and Instagram, McKenna says, but they tend not to work with the rest of the programmatic ecosystem. Companies are looking for the same innovations outside of walled gardens.

“Unlocking the power of this massive programmatic ecosystem means those innovations must be available there,” McKenna says.

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