Study Finds Majority Of Americans Consider Themselves 'Climate Conscious Consumers'

The percentage of American consumers identifying as "climate conscious" ones has reaching a tipping point, according to findings of the 2022 edition of a tracking study by ad-supported electric vehicle charging stations network Volta Media.

Fifty-five percent of Americans surveyed in September say they now identify that way, a 15% increase from 2021.

Significantly, that consumer mindset is also becoming mainstream across the U.S.

"Being a climate conscious consumer is no longer associated with only coastal states," the Volta study found, noting that "this mindset is prevalent across the U.S. with notable year-over-year increases in Texas, Kentucky, and Michigan."

The study also identified key attributes emerging for climate-conscious Americans, including:

  • They are tech savvy: 71% subscribe to a streaming TV service, compared to 60% of Non-Climate Conscious Consumers; 31% use QR codes compared to 25% of non-climate conscious counterparts.
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    They expect targeted, personalized campaigns: 63% prefer ads that are relevant to their needs, compared to 44% of non-climate conscious counterparts. 

  • They are price/value-oriented: 59% say they are looking for more sales and deals.

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