National TV News Advertising Up 16% Leading Into Midterms, Stronger Gains Vs. 2018

For the six-month period leading into the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, estimated advertising revenue was up 16%, with impressions adding 7% for the major cable TV news networks versus a year ago -- much stronger results versus the 2018 midterms.

Three networks collectively earned $1.08 billion in estimated national TV ad spend, according to for the period from May 10 through November 10, 2022 versus the same period a year ago. The total earned in 2021 was $934.7 million.

Impressions totaled 294.1 billion for those three networks in total, compared to 273.9 billion a year ago.

The bulk of the increased political advertising dollars during major election years -- Presidential and midterm elections -- typically goes to local TV stations and local media platforms.

Kantar projected that local TV could pull in $5.5 billion in advertising for this year’s elections.



National TV news networks also benefit from rising interest among viewers and potential voters.

Looking at individual networks over the last six months, Fox News Channel witnessed 14% gain in estimated national TV advertising revenue to $618.6 million, with a 11% increase over the period to 150 billion, year-over-year, according to 

Compared to four years ago, there was a doubling of advertising revenue ($305.3 million in 2018), with impressions soaring 47% (101.7 billion).

Similarly, MSNBC rose to strong advertising levels versus a year ago -- gaining an estimated 25% to $249.3 million in national TV, with impressions rising 6% to 77.1 billion. 

Compared to 2018, ad revenue also doubled ($113.9 million in 2018)) with impressions 75% higher (43.9 billion)

CNN saw lower results compared to the other networks -- up 10% to $213.9 million, and a slight 1% increase in impressions to 67 billion compared with 2021.

CNN also witnessed stronger growth vs. four years ago with the 2018 midterms -- with a 20% spike in revenues (from $179.7 million) and 22% growth (55.4 billion).

For this midterm election cycle, Fox’s high-paying TV advertisers over the most recent six-month period included My Pillow, Balance of Nature, Relief Factor, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and Relaxium.

For MSNBC, advertisers included Subway, Latuda, Liberty Mutual, Rinvoq, Skyrizi, Dell Technologies, Trelegy, Colonial Penn, Crepe Erase, and Subway, and for CNN: Amazon Prime Video, Carvana, Liberty Mutual, Medicare Advantage Advisors, and Consumer Cellular.

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