Airbnb 101: How To Turn Your Home Into Guest House

Airbnb is pitching its services to those looking to make some extra money amid an economic downturn.

The brand has introduced a new 15-second ad, executed in-house, that makes a case for turning your house into an Airbnb rental. The ad is animated and lays out the issue: “If you want to start Airbnb-ing your home and you’re wondering how to get from step 1 to guest 1, Airbnb Setup will help you get started,” the voiceover states.

Airbnb Setup is a site that helps homeowners become Airbnb hosts. The site has frequently asked questions and directs users to a Superhost near them.

The ad comes as some debate whether an “Airbnbust” is upon us, but the company continues to grow.



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