Linktree Offers Tool For Driving Revenue From Content

Creators seeking to monetize their content have a new platform for doing it: Payment Lock, a feature from Linktree.  

Now in beta, the tool is a lock that can be added to a Linktree Document Link. When a visitor purchases the link, they can access the content directly. 

They’ll also be sent a copy of the link to their email address (which will be found in their receipt), enabling them to view the document whenever they want, the company says.  

The Payment Lock can be used for newsletters, ebooks and other forms of content.  

Linktree also offers a solution called Conversion Tracking, that allows marketers and publishers to measure when website visitors are:

  • Making a purchase
  • Reading a blog
  • Signing up for a newsletter 

From this, publishers can prioritize the links that are driving the most engagement, Linktree claims.  

Conversion Tracking provides centralized reporting in one place, the company adds. 






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