Online Shopping Surges

Consumers spent 27 percent of their holiday budgets online at e-commerce sites this year--up from 16 percent in 2002, according to a report released Thursday by Nielsen//NetRatings, Goldman, Sachs & Co., and Harris Interactive.

The Nielsen//NetRatings report also stated that total online commerce revenues for the period Oct. 29 through Dec. 23 came to $30.1 billion--marking a 30 percent increase from last year.

Separately, comScore Networks Thursday reported more conservative ecommerce estimates; it stated that total online shopping revenues for the period Nov. 1 through Dec. 25 totaled $18.11 billion--25 percent more than last year.

Both reports stated that the top three product categories this year were apparel, computer hardware, and consumer electronics--but comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings had different estimates for those categories.

Nielsen//NetRatings reported that apparel and clothing accounted for approximately $5.3 billion; computer hardware and peripheral sales came to around $4.8 billion; and consumer electronics totaled approximately $4.8 billion.



comScore reported found that sales of apparel and accessories totaled $3 billion; computer hardware and peripheral sales totaled $4.1 billion; and consumer electronics sales came to $1.3 billion.

comScore also revealed that the fastest-growing categories this year were sports and fitness--which saw revenues grow by 49 percent; apparel and accessories--37 percent; event tickets--37 percent; computer software, excluding games--35 percent; furniture, appliances, and equipment--34 percent; and video games, consoles, and accessories--34 percent.

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