Uberall Creative Campaign Connects Physical (Bric) And Digital (Pin) Experiences

Meet Bric and Pin, Uberall’s “real guy” and “virtual” character, respectively. The global provider of hybrid customer experiences (CXs) has launched a major creative campaign to demonstrate the need for location-based businesses to combine online and offline channels.

“Bric and Pin, though individual(s), are better together, the embodiment of hybrid happiness —the best of both online and offline together at last,” according to the campaign.

Uberall calls the campaign Journeys to Customer Joy with Bric & Pin. The campaign also aims to drive awareness of its Hybrid Customer Experience Platform in North America and the EMEA region.  

Bric is a bit conventional, speaks in blunt text, and is easily wowed by technology. Pin, a “digital muse,” is sparkly and communicates through emojis.

When Bric needs something immediately, Pin is there to connect him to businesses in the real world with ease and transparency.

Alyssa Trenkamp, vice president of brand marketing and communications at Uberall, describes the goal of the campaign to capture the attention and imagination of potential customers. Bric and Pin were created to emphasize the importance of consumer experiences that just work.

There are five videos with each filmed in a different location, from the coast to the mountains. “The financial services one was shot in a studio,” she said “We changed the background to make it look like they were driving on a roller-coaster. We like the concept of financial services because it suggests planning for the future. The journey of life with its ups and downs.”

Uberall plans to release a in-the-making video to show how it was done.  

Created with the help of Two Feet South, an L. A.- based multi-discipline creative practice, the campaign will run online and on social media, followed by advertising that showcases why businesses with a physical location should adopt a hybrid customer experience utilizing online and offline channels.

Two Feet South has also worked with Toyota, The Rolling Stones, Land Rover, Lockheed Martin, and many others, according to the company’s website.

Through videos and quirky scripts, the campaign takes a look at several consumer journeys with the help of Bric and Pin. The characters find themselves in various predicaments like the need of a quick charge from EV power and searching for directions on how to find take-out food.

With Bric & Pin, Uberall highlights how online and offline together can deliver the best customer journey possible. The company believes that a hybrid experience is the future, and its platform, Uberall CoreX – which offers an end-to-end solution – will help brands get found and create more “journeys to joy.”

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