Drako Makes Location Data Sets Available Through The Trade Desk

Analytics services startup Drako is partnering with the Trade Desk to provide its location data sets through the Trade Desk Platform.  

This upgraded partnership entails Drarko’s support of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), an identity solution built for the open internet.

UID2 enables advertisers to create an identifier from hashed and salted email addresses. 

“Securely encrypting datasets in a privacy-compliant way is a win for advertisers, publishers and consumers,” says Jay Goebel, general manager, data partnerships, The Trade Desk.

Drako’s location data sets, which are also available through Drako’s in-house managed service department, allow brands to activate campaigns based on first party data while respective consumer privacy, the firm says.  

“Transacting data through UID 2.0 will strengthen Euklid’s capabilities as a self-serve platform and give advertisers a forward-looking data strategy, one that is customizable to fit their needs,” says Gabriel Mongeau, CTO of Canada-based Drako.  

Drako specializes in GPS data, location-based analytics, and programmatic advertising



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