Bloomreach Lowers Acquisition Costs With Snapchat Integration

Advertisers can now integrate Bloomreach Engagement with Snapchat ads, allowing marketers to drive more efficient ad spend by using customer data and key segments. The company says the integration should lower the cost of customer acquisitions.

Snapchat supports 319 million daily active users who have more than $4.4 trillion to spend globally, according to the company.

The integration of businesses’ Snapchat ads with Bloomreach Engagement’s one view of the customer offers that optimization. Marketers can automatically sync Bloomreach Engagement first-party customer data and activate audiences in real-time through the ad platform, just as they currently do with Facebook or Google Ads, and use AI predictions to see which audiences are best suited for targeted ads.



Interestingly, Snapchat users open the app 30 times a day. Integrating Snapchat into the omnichannel shopping experience will enable Bloomreach customers to discover new value in both their existing and target markets. 

When I think of Snapchat it’s not typically related to integrations that lower acquisition costs. The thoughts are more related to social and technology and partnerships with Disney. The two teamed up to release an augmented reality (AR) Lens that turns any Snapchatter into a Na’vi—all done to celebrate the release of Avatar: The Way of the Water

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