State Farm, TMA Create 'Jazz Bath: The Bomb Sessions" CD And Video

State Farm recently released a commercial featuring "Jake from State Farm" and NFL star Patrick Mahomes, sharing very personal information about his post game recovery method.  It was Mahomes' attempt to qualify for State Farm's new Personal Price Plan.

The end of the spot, titled "Bath Bomb," also introduced a new character, "Jeff The Equipment Manager," complete with mullet and saxophone. 



The spot became a hit among viewers, as they took to social media to voice their likes and the need for a relaxing "Jazz Bath" of their own.

As a result, State Farm and its creative agency partner, TMA (The Marketing Arm) came up with an idea to extend this excitement by producing a CD -- "Jazz Bath:  The Bath Bomb Sessions" -- which is now available to consumers for free while supplies last. 

The CD features six original songs which are currently streaming on Spotify.  There's an online video to help promote the CD, which includes a Jazz Bath Hotline (1-866-JAZZ-BATH).

TMA created the video and also worked with a team of professional musicians to compose and produce the songs.

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