Social Platform Moxy Adds Identity Verification Feature

Moxy, a social media platform that links voters, elected officials and thought leaders in the interest of fostering civil debate, has integrated an updated identity verification framework called Veracity.  

The new release, 2.8, includes new two-level identity resolution for anyone on the platform. 

“User identity verification supports our mission of enabling bona fide discourse upon a foundation of official resources,” states César M. Melgoza, founder & CEO of Epluribus LLC, the creator of Moxy.  

Moxy, a "non-partisan social ecosystem," was founded in 2020. It is a U.S.-only platform available for Android, iPhone and web browsers. 

It provides official and user-generated content, including “authentic information within the platform to help voters get quick access to official government content along with news sources that are evaluated based on their adherence to broadly accepted journalistic standards,” Melgoza adds. 



This includes access to a personalized politician directory, legislation, fundraising, ballots and a news feed.

In addition, Veracity scores are provided for the vast majority of Moxy’s news sources via the integration of the NewsGuard API. 

The Veracity user ID feature is “a powerful complement to the plethora of valuable assets within Moxy,” states Sonia Cisneros, creator of the Dream America channel on Moxy.


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