How Spotify Could Improve Its Holiday Wrapped Option

Since 2015, it has become a holiday tradition: Spotify Wrapped, when Spotify tells you what your top songs were for the year.

I have an individual account and my whole family listens, so the Top Songs list tells me more about my family’s preferences than mine. The first song I recognize as my own comes in at No. 22.

Spotify has included messages from artists this year, including Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

Spotify also uses metrics to assign users one of 16 listening styles loosely based on the Myers-Briggs personality test.

As outreach, Spotify Wrapped is pretty solid, but here are a few ways it could be even better:

Include podcasts in Spotify Wrapped. Spotify ranks the top podcasts overall (Hello, Joe Rogan!), but as a regular Spotify podcast listener with eclectic tastes, I would be interested to see which podcast I listened to the most and which podcasts rounded out my top 10. It’s likely that list would resurface some I haven’t checked out in a while.



Offer a glimpse into what “People Like You” listened to. A few lists of the top songs for people like me (similar age, musical tastes, etc.) would be interesting. I’d check out that playlist.

Resurface what I was listening to a few years ago. Spotify has been offering Wrapped for seven years. I’d be interested in seeing what my top songs were from 2015. I’m sure I would remember some songs that had fallen by the wayside that I would give a relisten.

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