Google Ads Feature Actors From 'Sex Lives of College Girls'

Viewers of HBO Max’s “Sex Lives of College Girls” may be a bit jolted by new spots on its ad-supported tier.

The ads feature stars of the show Amrit Kaur and Pauline Chalamet, both partially in character. One idea behind the ads is that they’re a continuation of the show, rather than an interruption to it.

The spots, for Google, feature both stars touting Google’s Shopping feature.

“Everyone has their quirks when it comes to shopping,” Chalamet says. “And Kimberly has a great one when it comes to pants.”

The ad then shows Chalamet in the show yelling “No pants should cost more than $40!” She then tells viewers to use Google. “I mean, everyone does, but for shopping,” she adds.

The ad is said to be the first time that HBO Max has allowed characters from its shows to be used like this.

“It’s really a value-added experience,” Gould told Variety.  “The creative really speaks to this audience that has an intimate relation with the characters.”



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