Heineken Promotes Work-Life Balance With Horror Movie Spoof

If you’re working late at night in an office, people could be watching you.

In the latest campaign from Heineken, they’re office cleaners who remind a worker that it’s time for her to head to a bar and join some friends.

The message comes to life in a horror movie-style spot from the Le Pub agency aptly titled “The Office Cleaners.”

It opens with a woman working on a computer alone in a darkened office as the ceiling lights begin to flicker and fleeting shadows dart here and there amid spooky noises.

Finally, cleaners appear to haul garbage, wash cabinets and—in the case of a guy whose uniform is tagged “Juan”—wipe her computer screen, prompting her to glance at her watch and leave.



The superimposed words “If you see the cleaners, it’s time to see your friends” appear accompanied by the late Michael Jackson singing “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” from his 1984 hit.

“We want to spark conversations about the importance of maintaining work-life balance and resisting social pressures to be in a constant state of work,” Bram Westenbrink, global head of the Heineken brand, said in a news release.

In certain global markets Heineken is partnering with corporate cleaning companies whose workers wear vests display a QR code that can be scanned to provide vouchers for free beer.

“The Office Cleaners” is the latest iteration of the beer brand’s #workresponsibly initiative.

In this commercial dubbed “The Closer,” when people working in offices or remotely use a bottle opener, the lights go out around them, along with their internet connections, signaling it’s time for a break.

Yes, the bottle opener is “The Closer.”

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