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Downy's Mystery Celeb Sniffs Shirt, Counts Down To Super Bowl

Downy is running a pre-Super Bowl ad for its Unstopables Booster Beads with an unnamed mystery spokesman.

The ad, via Saatchi & Saatchi, shows the spokesman with a sweatshirt concealing his face. The spokesman says he’s taking the 12 weeks between now and the Super Bowl to make sure that the brand’s claim that it keeps clothes fresh for over 12 weeks is true.

Though the spokesman isn’t identified, a dog in the ad states that “It’s pretty obvious who you are.”

Procter and Gamble claims  the celebrity won’t be revealed if he isn’t convinced that the scent has lasted. A report in Variety says that even the preview of this spot uses “a voiceover instead of the celebrity’s actual tones.”



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