People Welcome the Metaverse, But Have Concerns: Study

Consumers are ready to embrace the metaverse — 68% would feel comfortable using it to communicate with a brand’s customer service. But safety is a concern, judging by a recent report from Telus International. 

Only 45% of shoppers think brands are prepared to moderate content in the metaverse to keep their users safe. And 67% say that failure to provide a safe space will lead to reputational impacts. 

Moreover, a mere 16% feel the metaverse will provide better customer service, and 16% expect to have more personalized interactions with brands. However, 35% believe the metaverse will allow them to connect with brands in new ways. 

In addition, 53% feel interactions in the metaverse will be more engaging than in-person brand experiences. And 49% believe it will be better customized to their interests.  



Another 47% say the metaverse will help them discover new and other products that they were not aware of before.  

In another finding, Telus reports that 86% of consumers consult online reviews before purchasing.

Google is a source for 59%, versus 43% for YouTube and 36% for Facebook.  

Of those surveyed, 64% would choose personalized CX over one that takes less time. And if they could obtain customer service in only one way for the rest of their lives, 49% would choose to talk to a person on the phone. 

But brands should take note: nearly 60% of Shoppers would rather sit in a traffic jam than have a poor customer experience.  

Telus International polled 5,500 U.S. consumers in four surveys.


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