BBC and Globo Are Tied As The Most Popular News Outlets: Study

The BBC and Globo were tied for first place in the News Media category, followed by CNN and Fox tied for second place, according to Cloudfare’s 2022 Year in Review. 

The BBC in particular peaked for several days when the war in Ukraine started, and saw another spike on the day Queen Elizabeth died.  

The most popular news sources are: 

  • 1 Globo / BBC *
  • 3 CNN / Fox News *
  • 5 New York Times
  • 6 The Guardian
  • 7 News Google
  • 8 Yahoo Finance
  • 9 Washington Post / Daily Mail / NPR *

The news sources with asterisks were in the same position in November.  

As for websites, Google was the #1 most popular service of the year. Facebook was #2, and Apple and Tik Tok were tied for third. YouTube was #5,

The most popular video streaming service was YouTube, followed by Netflix (#2) and live streaming platform Twitch (#3). Fourth place was won by Roku, and Disney+ came in fifth. 



Once again, the top ecommerce was Amazon. China-based Alibaba made a showing, with its Taoboa coming in third, Alibaba fifth and AliExpress sixth.

The most popular music sites were Apple Music iTunes and Spotify. And for Crypto, Binance came in first, Coigecko second and Coinbase third. The now-bankrupt FTX fell from the #7 slot to #21. 

This data comes from Cloudflare Radar.



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