Most-Watched 'TV Watches'

Wayne Friedman's takes on streaming, streaming and more streaming were the most-read "TV Watch" columns of 2022, which probably explains why he's off on a much-deserved year-end vacation and I'm filling in with an analysis of his analyses.

Columns about "Trump" and the 2022-23 upfront also ranked in the top 10 of the year.

The most-read column was Wayne's speculation on Apple offering free Apple TV subscriptions to new iPhone purchasers, something that did come to fruition, and is a promotion Apple still offers, albeit for only three months of service currently.

Wayne's second most-read column was last week's column discussing how TV news coverage of the twice-impeached former president's newly released tax returns will impact the "Trump" brand. Wayne's Aug. 1 column about the former president duffing the the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tournament ranked ninth for the year.



And while streaming dominated Wayne's TV industry analysis -- and readership -- for the year, it was his Sept. 2 column about the relatively high CPMs ($65) and lack of third-party measurement for Netflix's new ad-supported inventory that also was the most commented and shared of his top columns of the year.

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