'Mean Girls' Actor Daniel Franzese Debuts Fetch Rewards Name Change


Nearly two decades after the popular movie “Mean Girls,” actor Daniel Franzese is finally helping to “make fetch happen.”

It’s not a reference to the movie’s memorable line “Stop trying to make fetch happen” from the character Regina George, but to the rebranding of rewards app and consumer engagement platform Fetch Rewards to Fetch.

Founded in 2013, Fetch rewards users with points when they scan retail receipts from online and brick-and-mortar store and restaurant purchases within the company’s Apple or Google Play app. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, charitable donations or Fetch merchandise. 

“If you think about what we do, rewards is always going to be at the center of that,” Fetch CMO Birk Cooper tells Marketing Daily.  “But there’s a lot more that we’ve built into the experience.”



One new feature inspired by social media interactions among users is a “leader board where you can compete with yourself and others and see how they’re earning points. It’s a mode of discovery and competition.”

Having played the character Damian in “Mean Girls,” Franzese returns in this spot to tout the various ways he earns Fetch points.

“Turns out, Regina was wrong,” Franzese says. “Somebody actually made Fetch happen.”

Through Jan. 31, Fetch users can browse the So Fetch Collection—a selection of Franzese’s favorite brands and offers within the app.

As previously reported, last summer General Mills launched a loyalty program with Fetch called Good Rewards, covering all of its 45-plus brands.

The campaign coincides with a U.S. tour of the “Mean Girls”musical, which ended its run on Broadway in March of 2020.

In the movie, “fetch” was a substitute for the term “fetching,” a synonym for attractive.

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