Polestar Showroom Made Of Snow Boosts Eco-Friendly Message



In what may be the most distinct version of a pop-up location ever, electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar just opened a temporary showroom made entirely of snow in the Arctic Circle city of Rovaniemi, Finland.

Using snow as a building material reinforces Polestar’s commitment to sustainability, according to the automaker. The snow (3,000 cubic meters worth) came from a nearby ski resort, transported by electric trucks -- and will be returned to the slopes, “to close the loop,” when the Snow Space shuts down Feb. 26.

The showroom offers test drives of the Polestar 2 electric fastback on a nearby snow track. Inside the space’s two-meters thick snow walls, the fully electric fastback Polestar 2 will be on display -- along with wheels, suspension parts and brakes crafted as ice sculptures by local artists.



The Snow Space is the second Polestar Space in Finland and one of approximately Polestar Spaces 130 worldwide. With a digital-first retail model where customers explore, configure and order their cars online, the minimalistic Polestar Spaces offers customers the chance to check out and test drive the electric Polestar in person, supported by noncommissioned Polestar specialists.

Frozen Innovations, which specializes in corporate attractions made of ice and snow, built the Snow Space in approximately 20 days, following Polestar’s global approach to retail and architectural design. The space was directly inspired by Polestar’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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