New Tool Enables Brands To Send Text Reminders Of Events, Sales

Respond Now LLC is offering a platform that enables brands to remind consumers about sales and events via text. 

The new product, PostReminder, features a QR code that also can appear in email, web pages, direct mail, OOH, DRTV, POS and print ads in an omnichannel campaign.  

“Until now, across any direct response channel, there’s been no way to interact with the consumer after they see that ad,” says Mike Gunderson, founder of Respond Now and the direct mail agency Gunderson Direct. 

In contrast, PostReminder allows brands to “engage with consumers when it matters — which is when that sale, movie, or event actually happens,” Gunderson adds. 

Consumers can add reminders to their calendars, and share the sale or event with family in friends. The prospect will received scheduled text alerts for the duration. 

According to the company, PostReminder can be utilized for subscription services, vacation packages, banking services, cable, streaming and internet, AEP and insurance renewal and warranty and maintenance.

It also can be deployed for real-estate open houses and for events such as movies and concerts and trade shows.  





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