Intuit Mailchimp Offers New Multichannel Capability

Intuit Mailchimp has unveiled a tool for conducting campaigns across channels. 

The new solution, Campaign Manager, allows brands to plan, executive and track campaigns across email, text, social media ads and direct mail -- and to see the results in one calendar view, the firm says. 

Campaign Manager will be available to Mailchimp customers with standard and premium plans worldwide on January 25. A patent is pending. 

“Omni-channel experiences are critical for marketing to modern consumers, and our marketer customers have shared the recurring pain of creating and managing these experiences across channels and tools,” says Jon Fasoli, chief product and design officer at Intuit Mailchimp. 

Fasoli adds that Campaign Manager was designed to provide a "single tool to plan, automate and analyze" campaigns across various channels and tools.



The company notes that marketers are likely to be building omnichannel experiences using an average of seven martech tools that manage tactics like SMS, social ads, loyalty programs and customer support interactions.

Campaign Manager offers these features:

  • Campaign setup — Users can set their objective and track performance against the goal.
  • Campaign calendar — This provides a single source of truth to see all individual activities associated with the  campaign — i.e., marketing touchpoints, tasks to complete, and milestone dates.
  • Multichannel marketing — Brands can create individual marketing touchpoints associated with the campaign, starting with Mailchimp’s email tool and expanding to multiple channels with webhooks, custom HTTP callbacks triggered by events.
  • Recommendations: Mailchimp will suggest the best dates during to send your individual emails based on AI modeling of the brand’s industry and outcomes emails sent in Mailchimp.
  • Analytics — Provides aggregate insights into how the campaign is performing. 

Mailchimp customer Tigrilla Gardenia, a mentor and leadership coach, has used Campaign Manager in private beta to plan and manage campaigns ahead of a summit and product relaunch. Gardenia says that now, the marketing team "comes up with our general marketing themes based on where we're headed for the near future," and then needs to "lay out the social media direction that they want to do with that and I'll write the email newsletters.”

Gardenia says it would be ideal to have the messaging endpoints unified into a schedule instead of having them exist separately.


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