Former NY Governor Cuomo Starts Ad-Free Podcast Company

Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat who resigned as governor of New York State in 2021 after sexual misconduct allegations, has formed Quake Media, a podcast company.

The firm is delivering a weekly podcast featuring Cuomo, "As A Matter Of Fact…With Andrew Cuomo," and promises other ad-free content. 

It says the first two episodes are free on Apple Podcasts. 

The company is offering a 40% holiday special: $2.99 per month. The price per year is $29.99. 

Cuomo served as governor of New York for 10 years. His father, Mario Cuomo, held the same position for three terms. His brother Chris is a prominent news broadcaster.

During the pandemic, he was known for his daily updates and approach to the crisis, although he also faced criticism. 



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