IAB Tech Lab Unveils Plan To Reduce Carbon Impact Of Digital Advertising

IAB Tech Lab, a global digital advertising-technical standards organization, on Monday launched the Green Supply Path Initiative aimed at helping the advertising industry lower carbon emissions by optimizing the supply path -- specifically programmatic.

The goal -- which represents a step toward the “industry’s green future” -- is to provide a path toward programmatically sending and receiving signals that affect carbon emissions. Those signals will provide transparency and accountability across the industry.

The initiative will enable buyers to enforce their emissions standards. The hope is that it will become the benchmark for how carbon emission signals are sent and received. 

Prior to this announcement, IAB worked with Ad Net Zero, participating in a global launch at Cannes in 2022.

In collaboration with IAB Tech Lab, IAB is working to roll out plans for AdNet Zero. IAB and IAB Tech Lab are also exploring how the industry can develop a framework for the measurement and management of greenhouse gas emissions from media. 



IAB Tech Lab is working with Ad Net Zero and Scope 3 to determine how those numbers are calculated and how to lower carbon emissions. The lab also will host industry-wide collaboration via the Green Initiative Working Group, which kicks off in February.

Once it is complete, IAB Tech Lab will update existing supply-chain frameworks to support green supply chains and minimize carbon impact. 

Objectives to increase transparency include: 

  • Launching the Green Initiative Working Group for the industry to align on approach, best practices, and how to send and receive signals programmatically
  • Publishing best practices and providing technical support pertaining to the Programmatic Supply Chain
  • Supporting the programmatic sending and receiving of emissions numbers 
  • Hosting a dashboard showing green supply path benchmarks


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