Cordial Forms Two-Way Partnership With Snowflake

Cross-channel marketing platform Cordial is partnering with Snowflake, a data cloud company, to list its data offering Snowflake Marketplace.

Joint customers can unify their data and make it available across their business ecosystem, the companies say. 

The integration makes “traditional sharing methods obsolete, eliminating the need to move or copy data, rebuild schemas or manage data pipelines with traditional extract, transfer and load (ETL) solutions, which are costly and labor intensive,” says Jeremy Swift, CEO and co-founder of Cordial.  

Cordial helps brands communicate in personalized ways via email, SMS, mobile app, and and other channels. 

The new arrangement provides joint customers with access to customer data, allowing then to monitor engagement trends and consumer behaviors. Also, data access can be extended bi-directionally, enabling users to query and use data from Snowflake in the Cordial platform.  



Swift adds, “This means marketers can spend more time activating their data rather than managing it.” 

One joint client is Purple. “Sharing data that used to take hours, now only takes a few minutes to complete," says Hyrum Ward, manager of data engineering at Purple. "All our valuable first-party data from Cordial is now instantly available and query-able alongside our hundreds of other data sources in Snowflake, so we can easily marry up a variety of data points to gain new insights about our business."

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