Streamers' National TV Advertising Slips In Some Metrics For TV Season

After soaring for years, streamers' national TV advertising has seen a pullback in some TV ad metrics since the start of the new 2022-2023 season in September.

Total estimated paid advertising/media value for national TV advertising dropped 5% to $869.8 million in the period from September 28, 2022 through January 28 of this year, according to

One of the biggest declines came with lower airings -- down 12% to 306,605. 

These results have come in tandem with some big TV-based network companies' attempts to move more quickly to profitability, looking to keep their linear TV networks thriving by monetizing their airtime with paid advertising. 

The use of valuable on-air time for free promotion for streaming video services is down 6% in “media value” to $339.5 million.



Total impressions from all national TV advertising and promo exposure are down 11% to 64.8 billion over the four-month period.

Discovery+ had a major reduction in airings this year to 9,080 versus 53,840 a year ago, while Disney+ was down to 35,295 from 45,057 and AMC+ cut its national TV messaging to 15,759 from 24,913.

The biggest paid national TV spender this year was Amazon Prime Video, $149.5 million, followed by NFL+ at $64.9 million, Disney+ with $60.1 million, Hulu at $31.9 million,  and Apple TV+ and HBO Max, each with $30.3 million.

Total paid advertising for the four-month period came in at $555.1 million, versus $530.3 million a year ago.

A year ago, DirecTV Stream -- a new virtual pay TV provider -- had a massive $178.8 million in paid advertising, followed by Apple TV+ with $65.4 million, Disney+ at $62.0 million, Amazon Prime Video at $53.4 million and Paramount+ with $28.3 million.

While there have been some cutbacks, legacy TV network-based companies continue to use their airwaves to promote their streamers.

Paramount Global’s Paramount+ and NBCUniversal’s Peacock are two of the biggest users.

Paramount+ -- with 44,161 airings in the most recent four-month period -- got 75% of its total national TV ad spend and promo placement value coming from its own legacy airwaves -- $102.2 million in media value; with $24.5 million in paid advertising.

Peacock got 85% of its national TV exposure from its own airwaves -- $64.8 million in media value and $11.4 million paid ad spend, from a total of 11,060 airings.

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