B2B Firms See Online Brand Impact As More Important Post-Pandemic, UK Study Finds

Tech companies say their digital brand impact is more important than it was prior to COVID-19, according to a study by agency Motion Marketing.  

Of those polled, 67% of IT companies and 63% of manufacturing and engineering firms see their online digital brand as more important than it was prior to the pandemic. Yet only 31% believe their brand has given them a competitive advantage. 

However, 81% of IT companies and 74% of manufacturing and engineering companies feel visual identity has a strong influence on the cost of what they offer. 

Few companies have used a supplier to create their brand: 14% of IT companies and 9% of manufacturing/engineering firms have done so.  

Of IT firms, 43% have used a non-creative focused person in the firm to create a brand or have labelled the brand a “family heirloom,” versus 48% of manufacturing/engineering firms. 



“Clearly, Covid-19 changed the shape of sales and marketing, the target audience was forced to change how they research and engage in finding a solution,” says Matt Jupp, senior marketing consultant at Motion Marketing.

“Online content has become more important as new habits have been created, and the digital brand is vital in correctly getting that content across," Jupp adds. 

The study was conducted by Motion Marketing, working with Sapio Research, surveying 150 respondents working in the IT sector and 150 in manufacturing and engineering companies in the U.K. 


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