Papa Johns Puts Cheese Where 'We've Never Had It Before'

Papa Johns has unveiled a new pizza sporting Parmesan cheese on the bottom.

Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza features a thin crust seasoned with a blend of shredded Parmesan-Romano cheeses and can be ordered with the customer’s toppings of choice. 

“At Papa Johns, we pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation. For this product, we set our sights on one of the most fundamental pizza ingredients—cheese,” said Kimberly Bean, vice president of menu strategy & calendar planning, in the company's announcement.

“We have taken cheese where we’ve never had it before—flipping the pizza over and putting it underneath the crust. In doing so, we are providing consumers with more ability to customize their pizza experience, while also enjoying a unique and surprising twist on a fan-favorite meal.”

The pizza was available for Papa Rewards loyalty members on Monday, Jan. 30, while everyone else can start ordering Feb. 2. The suggested price for the pizza is $12.99. Papa John’s didn’t disclose how long the item would be on the menu.

The Crispy Parm Pizza comes after the chain introduced Papa Bowls, Papa Bites, NY Style Pizza and Epic Stuffed Crust pizza in 2021.

The  launch also comes after Papa Johns announced third-quarter 2022 revenues were down $2 million from a record third quarter in 2021.

“Although the third quarter is typically the slowest period for pizza delivery, this year was especially challenging as the demand for travel was amplified coming out of the pandemic. In addition, commodity and labor costs reached all-time highs, impacting profit,” said Rob Lynch, Papa Johns president and CEO, in the announcement.

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